Eva's Favorite Places

State Street Jewelers Thier jewelery is a magnificent. Make sure you ask for Louise - she truly is the best!

All Chocolate Kitchen Italian gelato, French pastries, truffles, crapes and a Hall of Fame Chef. Nuff said.

Ela Wrobel Salon I talk to a lot of people every day and almost every day people ask me who did my hair. It's all ELA!

Fiora's Restaurant Elegant and very stylish. Wonderful dinner menu. And if you're planning a small party, make sure to ask about the wine cellar room.

Moveable Feast I'm not a big fan of Oprah but Oprah loves Moveable Feast. They make Oprah's favorite brownies and my favorite everything else.

Lorenzo De Gregorio Photography Caution! Visiting this site will make you want to get married. Or engaged. Or at least throw a big party. Beautiful pictures. Inspiring artist.

Odalisque Beauty Apothecary Bridget always knows how to make a woman feel special. And beautiful. You stop by once and you're hooked. Bye, bye Sephora!

Past Basket Kitchens If a new kitchen is what you crave, just call Dave first. You'll save yourself a lot of time. These guys are the best and they have a bunch awards to show for it.

RJA Design Richard at RJA Design will help you design the rest of your houseyour home. Great designer and tastemaker with amazing eye for art.